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亦良有限公司成立於1997年,亦良有限公司成立創業之初,以承製各類型塑膠材配件為要項,包含塑膠、電木立式射出機、 嵌入式射出成形、塑膠、電木臥式射出機、連接器外殼…等PA、PPS、PET、PPA等汎用及工程塑膠製品。
LIANG RESIN Co., LTD was established in 1997 and started out primarily as a maker of various types of plastic material accessories, including plastic, Bakelite vertical injection molding machine, inserted injection molding, connector shell as well as general and engineering plastic products, like PA, PPS, PET, PPA, etc.
In 2013, I-LIANG start the new service, hoping to extend the service front and back through the professional back-end R & D and manufacture, to bring product design, production plan, back-end assembling and packaging into the service items and to strengthen the personnel training to push up the quality of service. The service contents will be mainly based on customer demand, oriented to product appearance design and extend to mass production plan and back-endmanufacture. The product design and development will be oriented to the due trend and create market value from market perspective analysis and userperspective. As for mass production plan, I-LIANG will assist customers in solving practical problems with the role of professional consultant and discuss echoing the demand for products with best manufacturing work. Most importantly, that how to make customers create brand value is our biggest task; to check product quality is our duty.


manufacture | product design |  mass-produced | assembly | engineering sevice

We do product design, manufacturing and engineering service.